Erin Sirona

F.A.Q. For Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a relaxation therapy that utilizes light touch and sound.  It handles the intangible blocks in the bodies energy field that you may or may not be aware of.  These blocks slow down or inhibit the bodies healing efforts. It also activates and accelerates the body’s inborn healing ability.

Think about your body and system as a lamp. If the light does not go on, you may need to change the bulb, or plug it in. Sometimes however, the issue is less tangible and can’t be seen, the wiring may be faulty or need to be cleaned. Once you address this, the light goes on!

Energy therapy works in a similar way focusing on the energy field around the body which needs to be balanced, cleared, and nurtured like all other parts of our system to optimize wellness.

What does an Energy Therapist do?

A Sommelier is a sensory expert who is able to tell you all about a type of wine from just a sip or two.  He or she will tell you what is in it, how old it is, the region it is from, how it was made as well as several other details. An Energy Therapist is also a sensory expert.

I am trained to feel or sense subtle information.  I work with the electromagnetic field (as light, sound and/or touch) around the human body and help move the energy when necessary-for example, if there is a blockage, surplus, deficiency or imbalance in the field.  This kind of work, is able to help your body by restoring harmony to your system, augmenting your body’s own healing ability and reducing the disparity between your energy centers or closing the gap altogether. When your energy field is brought back into balance, this positively impacts all other areas that are working to heal.

It’s important to keep track of the fullness and health of the field.  The way I do that is to use a scale of measurement that describes what’s going on.  I use a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being optimal frequency.  I’ll check it at the beginning of the session and again at the end, to note what has shifted and how to move forward in future visits.  It also gives us an idea of what area of your body is most vulnerable and most strong.  Part of how your field expresses is because of behaviors, thoughts, habits, and injuries.  Sometimes we can link the measurements to stories or injuries and then find a way to permanently restore the area.

What does Erin specialize in?

I love working to interrupt recurring patterns of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual stress so you can be your best, most balanced, joyous self.  I want you to live your truth, and be on the life path that is unique and right for you.

Working to help with self confidence, courage, and inspired self-love are also at the top of my list.  I have been blessed to see peoples lives completely change from becoming “unstuck.”

What are some of the benefits of Energy Medicine?

* Accelerates healing

* Supports the immune system

* Relaxes the mind

* Enhances self-esteem

* Augments focus and concentration

* Soothes anxious emotional feelings

* Promotes rest and the ability to sleep

* Calms muscular tightness

* Soothes headaches

* Reduces pain, & interrupts subconscious patterns of negative behavior.

Are you ready to change?

You need to be ready for change for your therapy to be effective. There are 3 levels of readiness.

* I don’t think I need to change, prove to me I do.

* What is change? I think I need to change but I don’t understand what that means

* I need to change, I understand the process, and I need the space held.

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